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How inTrack works?

inTrack is by your side to understand the needs of customers and give them personalized and suitable messages. Messages that will satisfy your customers

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inTrack cycle, a modern, accurate and efficient interaction

inTrack platform consists of four main steps that collect data step by step, segment it in the way you want, and send proper messages to the audience. Then it analyzes all the information and provides you with accurate and regular data to make it easier for you to make decisions.



When you connect your site and application to our panel, inTrack starts identifying customers and creating profiles for them. This means that if a user named “Sara” registers on the site, a similar profile will be created for her.

This profile contains the information taken from the user at the time of registration. The user performs activities on your site or application, and these activities will be saved in her profile. This profile includes search history, interests and all user behavior on your website or app.



After collecting customer information, it’s time to sort them. inTrack helps you organize the collected data with segmentation feature.

Customers of each brand can be segmented by different criteria. This segmentation helps you interact with each customer according to their needs and the value they bring to the brand. In the inTrack panel, we have specially considered a section for segmenting customer information, and you can segment your customers based on their age, gender, place of residence, personal interests, and how much they use the site and application.



A message can attract user engagement (encourage them to click and continue the process) when it addresses their needs. Today, users receive a large number of untargeted advertising messages daily and easily ignore them.

In order for the customer not to ignore your message, your message must create value for them. Such as a special discount for the user’s birthday or a discount on their favorite products. With inTrack, you can know the products or categories that customers are interested in and send them messages accordingly.



With inTrack, you can monitor the results of the campaign from the moment it starts running. Our panel shows you the results of your campaigns in the form of various tables and charts with details.

This analytical tool helps you evaluate the effectiveness of different campaigns with quantitative and measurable variables such as the conversion rate, number of clicks, etc. For example, if you run an SMS campaign on inTrack, you will see the following live after execution:

  • Number of sent messages
  • failed messages
  • number of unique clicks
  • conversion rate
  • amount of earned income

Customer guidance with inTrack

One of the most up-to-date features of inTrack is the ability to guide the customer with Journey Designer. This feature is currently used by the world’s largest companies for omni-channel and integrated customer interaction. This tool helps you to send a special message to the customer according to their behavior at each station of their journey (for example, clicking on a link or registering on the site) For example, you can define conditions in the panel that each user who registers in the system will receive a special welcome SMS. This panel is very easy to use and you can guide your customer to the direction you want just by moving the items.

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