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Let technology handle marketing

Using inTrack’s unique features, you can transform all your digital marketing processes by making your marketing processes smarter.

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inTrack differs from other platforms in the following ways:

inTrack’s marketing automation platform revolutionizes the process of acquiring and retaining customers. inTrack is a complete marketing control center. Take a look at some of these features.


Without real data, no campaign would be complete. inTrack is a data-driven platform. By categorizing the information based on the customer’s behavior on the site and application, you can identify the customer’s needs better and more accurately In addition to the statistics related to each message, you can check the data recorded on the site or application, such as the number of clicks, the conversion rate of visitors to customers, and the reaction of customers to each of your campaigns.


People with similar characteristics usually have similar needs. Therefore, segmenting customers by common personal or behavioral characteristics is considered an effective way to understand their needs. You can segment your customer information and interact with them accordingly with inTrack marketing automation platform. Identify VIPs or important customers by categorizing them according to their total purchase, for instance.

Omnichannel Communication

With a single platform, you can control all communication channels, giving your customers a unified message. “Omnichannel” interaction refers to an integrated way of interacting through several channels. Many of the world’s biggest brands are already considering this type of interaction because it makes the relationship between the customer and the brand more human. inTrack’s customer journey designer tool is actually an Omnichannel engagement tool.


Analyzing a customer’s behavior and personal characteristics can reveal his unique needs and preferences. Customer loyalty can be increased by paying attention to these needs from the brand’s side. You can personalize the message sent based on the available data on customer behavior and characteristics using the inTrack marketing automation platform.

Journey Designer

Customer Journey describes the path of customer interaction with a brand through different communication channels and campaigns. Using the customer journey designer tool in InTrack, you can optimize this path based on customer activity. This feature allows you to communicate more effectively with your customers by integrating and coordinating the activity of all your channels.


Messages sent at unusual hours or in large numbers are considered spam. Through features such as the ability to set limits on sending hours and messages for each channel, the InTrack platform prevents spamming and creating a negative image in the customer’s mind.

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