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inTrack interactive channels

Using inTrack, you can have a comprehensive and intimate communication with your customers.

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SMS is one of the communication channels between you and your customers. You can write an SMS, schedule it, and send it to a specific audience group with inTrack. You can send your SMS as an advertisement, such as announcing a new product or as a notification, such as a transaction, purchase, or delivery schedule.

Let’s say your user adds a number of items to their cart, but abandons it before checking out. It may be due to the internet being down or the product being too expensive for the customer to purchase. With inTrack, you can send an SMS reminder to the user. You can also include a discount code in your SMS to motivate him.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the next tool in inTrack. Besides providing ready-made email templates, you can upload or design your own email template with the graphics you want.

Suppose a customer buys an item from a category (e.g., home appliances) and you wish to introduce him to other items in the same category. In such a situation, you will need a graphic email. Your email can be designed in any shape you want with the inTrack graphic editor.

App Push

inTrack allows you to customize content, schedule push notifications, and add images to your messages to make them more appealing. Push notifications with the right content sent at the right time can motivate users to return to your application.

Suppose a user’s last visit was more than three weeks ago. A notification for a discount on one of his favorite products based on previous purchases will motivate this user to return to the application and visit the product again.

Web Push Notifcations

One of the most effective ways to increase retention rate is to use web push notifications; however, many businesses use this feature without a specific purpose and send one message to all users. inTrack allows you to customize the notification’s graphic design and text.

Say your brand wants to let users know about a new product on the site. It is sufficient to send the message to those who have visited the relevant category. By doing so, you can bring the audience back to your site even when they are browsing the web outside your site.

Custom Channel

inTrack is equipped with a unique feature called Custom Channel. This feature sends messages on team chat software, an internal notification center, and other unusual channels.

It is also possible to analyze the data in delivering, receiving, and other feedback on the inTrack.

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