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inTrack for your business

Depending on type of your business is, inTrack can be powerful for you in email marketing, sms marketing and push notifications marketing. With inTrack you can execute your campaigns and analyze their outcomes.

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inTrack for E-Commerce

inTrack is an important and practical tool for E-commerce businesses. Due to the multitude of products and customers, following customers and getting to know them, assessing their needs and maintaining interaction, can be a complicated and time-consuming task. inTrack is by your side to make this process easy for you by providing modern and smart facilities.

inTrack for Tourism businesses

inTrack is an important tool for tourism industry; Because knowing the preferences of customers and recognizing their dissatisfaction at the right time can be costly and time-consuming. inTrack simplifies customer satisfaction for businesses in the tourism industry by following a four-step process.

inTrack for Entertainment and Digital Media Companies

Video sharing platforms and streaming services are at the top of people’s favorite entertainment in today’s world. This has made the competition to attract and retain customers in this industry more serious than ever. In this situation, businesses need to use new methods to achieve a competitive advantage. inTrack offers you to grow by following four steps.

inTrack for payment service companies

Payment apps can be considered the most widely used applications today. This level of demand has increased the level of competition among companies providing such services. We help these companies to attract customers and stay ahead of their competitors by providing a unique experience.

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