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inTrack, a comprehensive marketing automation platform

inTrack is a practical, accurate and multi-channel tool that automates your marketing activities in the areas of email marketing, SMS marketing and push marketing. With inTrack, you can segment customers at any scale and send them personalized messages. Using inTrack’s advanced tools, your communication with the customer is more accurate and correct than ever.

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inTrack starts tracking customer behavior and registering data in its dedicated profile by connecting to your site and application. As a result of this activity, you will have a complete profile of your customers.


Categorize the information gathered from your customers based on your needs so that your campaigns are resultful more than ever.


Send a personalized message to your customers by inTrack. Your precise message to the right person will maximize your engagement rate.


inTrack shows you the results of your campaigns live. The conversion rate, revenue, and campaign data are available in various tables and graphs.


You no longer need any other email sending services. By inTrack, engage users with tailored emails at the right moment, and improve brand loyalty. With an editor, you can design Email campaigns straightforwardly without coding.

Delight your customers whenever and wherever they’re ready for it! With exclusive DND settings and hyper-personalized messages, grab your users attention in less than ten words.

Trigger notifications when the customer is on your site based on activities. Send them a customized message and put a picture in it.

Instead of using separate SMS services, inTrack empowers you to send all your SMS automatically. Select a category, write a text message and click the submit button. Your personalized message also makes the audience happy.


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Benefits of inTrack for businesses

Increasing the retention rate

In today’s business environment, it is crucial to retain existing customers in order to grow. By sending personalized messages and reducing churn, inTrack marketing automation helps you turn your customers into loyal customers.

Saving time and money

Businesses today face heavy competition and have limited resources. inTrack’s marketing automation platform automates repetitive tasks such as sending emails and organizing marketing activities with the help of data analysis so you can spend more time brainstorming creative ideas. Efficiencies are improved with less time spent.

Sales increase

Marketing automation increases sales efficiency by 14%, according to statistics. Targeting your brand’s advertising messages increases your chances of converting a potential customer into a buyer, and converting a buyer into a loyal customer. Optimizing marketing activities and reducing costs will ultimately increase ROI (return on investment).

Increasing customer lifetime value

Nowadays, gaining a new customer is more challenging and costly than retaining an existing one. With inTrack, you can communicate meaningfully and effectively with your customers, no matter how many there are. Personalized messages will make them feel that you are there for them. In this way, you increase the lifetime value of your customers significantly.

Prevent Spamming

Your messages can be limited in inTrack so that they do not create a negative impression The Do not disturb feature prevents messages from being sent at unusual hours (like midnight).

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